Readers’ Reactions

“Dogs really are man’s best friends. This story of Barney and Farmer Vic will surely warm the hearts of pet owners. It is a simple story told in an endearing way.”

—Susan Riggs, Detroit, Michigan

“What a cute little book about a Saint Bernard dog that goes to live on a farm with Farmer Vic. Tells the story of Barney and on the farm with great illustrations too. Farmer Vic had multiple sclerosis which he passed away from in 2014 and they have decided to make partial proceeds from the [sale] of this book to the Michigan Multiple Sclerosis Society.”

—Erica Sandwall, A Disabled Mom’s Life

“What a beautiful book! My three year old grandson and one year old granddaughter just love it. It is a very gentle book that I enjoy reading to them again and again.”

—Amazon customer

Barney the Farm Dog A True Story

About the Book

Inspired by a true story, Barney the Farm Dog, tells the life of an adorable Saint Bernard dog named Barney. At the Brewer Farm in Leonard, Michigan, Farmer Vic and the farm animals develop an extraordinary friendship filled with genuine love and compassion.

Mary Lynn Swiderski

About the Author

Mary Lynn Swiderski has degrees in journalism and family education. She has more than twenty-five years of experience as a 4-H educator and as a health and nutrition educator at Michigan State University.

Barney the Farm Dog is her first children’s book. The story was told to her by Victor, her late husband.

Mary Lynn Swiderski has always had a passion for creative writing, poetry, books, and music.

Barney the Farm Dog A True Story


Barney came to Brewer Farm in 1971. The people who took care of Barney decided they could not keep him because he had become too big for their apartment. They found a good home for him with Farmer Vic at Brewer Farm in Leonard, Michigan.

Farmer Vic introduced Barney to all the farm animals.

Cocoa, Farmer Vic’s horse, took a liking to Barney.

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